Disc and drum brakes were invented at the turn of the 20th century, back when electricity was in it’s infancy; approximately 120 years ago. In 2010, AJ invented the first sphere brake while serving in Kuwait, heading into Iraq. The sphere brake unlocks new value to any industry leveraging more surface area in a smaller diameter. These systems directly compete in size, weight and performance. We are focused on optimizing this sphere brake technology by aligning with strategic partners in multiple industries.

Our promise is to deliver simple solutions for our customers on-time, every time.

A/H Sphere Brakes

Sphere brakes are the only brakes in the world you can change brake pads without any tools, just your bare hands!  In service brake applications, the patented sphere brake technology compresses hemispherical pads on an outer spherical surface.  This inherent design allows multi-directional brake force application around the brake surface generating more torque with a smaller brake effective diameter.  In driveline applications, the sphere brake mounts in-line with the drive shaft between the transmission and drive axels; It’s actuated by an electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic system controlled by the driver.  Like the service brake, hemispherical pads compress around the sphere brake surface typically in an enclosed housing.

Hydraulic sphere brakes for e-mobility

In partnership with Cleveland CycleWerks, we launched the worlds’ first Hydraulic Sphere Brake (HSB).  Advantages of developments in HSB application include the fact that it’s the first brake system which does not require tools to change brake pads.  Due to inherent design, the brake itself produces more torque in a much smaller package.  The HSB is lighter than the required disk brake for the same platform.  It is positioned more towards the center line fo the motorcycle, increasing stability and performance; and the brake is affordable in high growth industries like e-mobility.  The HSB has been installed on a Cleveland CycleWerks ACE motorcycle for road testing and certification.  The new HSB will be offered on a Falcon 2021 production models.